The (Circadian) Rhythm is gonna get you

Day 36

Mile 343.7

It’s been five days of sporadic thunderstorms and 1000% humidity. Everything is damp or on it’s way to being damp.

On the way up to Max Patch

I made it out of Hot Springs NC into a wiltingly hot climb in the steamy sauna of the mountains and have now made it to Erwin TN.

Goodbye Hot Springs
Hello Erwin

I’ve worked the night shift for the past four years or so and am also a bit of a night owl. It’s really hard to sleep during the day because, duh, sunlight. One of the many benefits of this journey is a return to a natural sleep cycle. I go to sleep when it gets dark and I wake up with sun. WITHOUT AN ALARM! I feel all kinds of productive.

The downpour, from a dry spot thankfully

I don’t really have much else to report. Trees, trail, and trekking. It all kind of blends into the same story.

Finally some sun

Although I did have to go around a downed tree and almost fell into a ravine. Thankfully I caught a tree branch to steady myself. But other than that…just a bunch of walking and being damp. So here are some pictures.

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