Make it rain on dem hikers

Day 41

Mile 394.8

It was oddly hard to get back into my mental hiking groove after leaving Uncle Johnnys hostel in Erwin TN. I suppose it was had something to do with my pack being weighed down with 20 pounds of food. I went a little nuts at Wal-Mart.

Even in the woods trains slow you down!

After so long you’d think it would be easier to jump back on the trail. I’ve noticed it usually takes me about half a day to return to Hiker mode. This stretch seemed different and I came up against my first real mental wall. I’ve joked on bad days that I was “this close to quitting” but I never really meant it. I fought through my little mental hissy fit and trudged on, but something hasn’t sat right with me since.

Just waiting for the perfect opportunity to trip me

Then Unaka Mountain happened. I camped just before it so I was fresh on my climb up. The top was covered with thick spruce firs making it seem like evening rather than daytime and a mist curled through the trunks. Occasionally spikes of sunlight would shoot down from the treetops. It was soothing and I guess I found something there. Im not sure what, but it was easier going after that.

Rain has been threatening my hike for the past few days because of the tropical storm. It finally hit when I was going up to Roan Mountain. I’m sure it would have been a beautiful walk but I was too concerned with getting somewhere dry.

This “rain jacket” did very little protecting, just kept the sweat in.

At some point on the balds after Roan my feet were so wet it was ridiculous to try and walk around the water so I started plowing through the mud. Even with that I fell twice and bonked my head on a fallen tree limb. I suppose I looked like a turtle trying to get up with my water logged pack.

On top of a bald
Looking back on Roan Mountian

Finally I got to Overmountain Shelter which is a repurposed barn. Predictably it was packed with hikers. When I took off my shoes my feet were wrecked. But luckily I found a dry spot to hunker down for the night.

The last day before going into town was actually quite nice. It started out cloudy but by the time I got to Hump mountain the weather had cleared up and it was a beautiful climb.

This rabbit stayed on the trail for awhile and let me take a picture.

And so finally I got to 19E where my little group went to a hostel with craft beer. Also I’m finally done with North Carolina.

Good riddance

Now I get to go deal with this finger of mine. I think I got a splinter in my fingernail and it’s created an abscess. It’s funny because one guy said I should go to a doctor about it. I think I can handle it. Just have to get all wilderness first aid and boil my knife. What I wouldn’t give for a scalpel and a suture removal kit right now!

You see all that pus just waiting to be expressed?

I took a zero here in Roan Mountain TN, and honestly Tiger didn’t have to work too hard to convince me. I’ve found I really don’t like walking up mountains in mud rivers. But I suppose I’ll have to be doing more of that soon. Onward to Damascus.

4 thoughts on “Make it rain on dem hikers

  1. Pictures are gorgeous as always – I bet it’s more beautiful in person. Sorry to go mommy-mode, but be careful with that finger! So close to mile 400! Good luck and keep going. You’ve got this.

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  2. Dana B

    Bunnies and mud and rain oh my, but-bunnies !! Nice job working thru the mental wall meine B, so proud of you and every step you take (cue shitty police song but sans stalker vibe)
    Also express that finger pus, lance yo shit my nurse B!
    Love you!!!!

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